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Innovative products



Elegant tamper-evident screw cap with pre-threaded insert adding prestige for the producer and fully guaranteeing the consumer.

Designed and developed by experts in our in-house R&D labs, it is covered by international patent and is available for 30 mm mouths in a VENUS WINE version for still or slightly sparkling wines, and VENUS SPIRIT with a seal and non-refillable valve.



Continuing Mauceri Capsule’s tradition of dedicating special attention to oil pourer performance, Astro has created Galileo, a telescopic pourer that slides out when the bottle is opened.
With its extremely simple mechanism, Galileo makes pouring and measuring out product easy, completely eliminates leakage onto the neck of the bottle, and can be used for both oil and traditional and balsamic vinegars.


The patented Saturn seal for spritzy and sparkling wines can be fitted using normal bottling line capping heads, and is proving a great success.
Made of a special blend of plastic, it releases no smells or flavours into the product, is also used for bottling mineral water, and is available in 28 and 30 mm, and soon 31.5 mm diameters.


Astro has created the Galaxy pourer in compliance with CE standards for producers of oil for the food service industry, protecting consumers against re-filling and producers against damage to their reputation.
Available for 31.5 mm now and soon for 35 mm diameter caps, it can be fitted as an alternative to normal caps with the same mouths and on the same lines with no adjustment of the heads.


Astro is particularly alert to the need to combat counterfeiting, so in order to safeguard producers and consumers alike it has tested and perfected a UV-sensitive varnish finish for caps in its R&D laboratory.
Counterfeit caps are identified immediately when exposed to a normal UV lamp, even when they look perfectly identical to the original.


For high prestige packaging Astro can supply caps with a hot foil top and side finish with or without punching, pad printing and soon digitally-printed decoration.
These finishes are fully performed in-house, completely eliminating the cost and time involved in outsourcing.