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The production cycle



An in-house graphic studio prepares artworks to meet the requirements of customers in keeping with bottle and label layout.

In order to achieve the set target, exclusive solutions may be proposed at this stage in terms of graphics (distortion printing, lithographic and offset printing), materials (photosensitive and metallic varnishes, glitter) or processing (hot-foil, pad printing, punching).

The lithographic and offset printing department is supported by pre-printing and photo etching facilities using cutting edge techniques to prepare immediately printing plates and tools.


Production is performed using intelligent, automatically-controlled machines, because the best results always come from preparation, committed operators and reliable machinery.

The all new-generation machinery includes coating lines and lithographic printing lines, drawing presses, side decoration and edging lines, and cameras controlling the entire assembly process.

Plastic inserts are all injection-moulded in an adjoining factory.


Process control and traceability are absolute priorities in our production facilities.

The hallmark of our product is contributing to improving the quality of the work of our customers.

Incoming checks are performed on all raw materials, and the entire production process is monitored from fixed stations to obtain a capsule “history” and traceability of all the components.

 Samples taken at the end of production are partly subjected to destructive testing, and partly kept as counter samples (black box).