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Protecting and enhancing your products is our mission.

We have the best closure systems to fulfil it

Spirit closures

Astro Jupiter: increasingly beautiful, increasingly safe

Chiusure vino

Wine clorures

If your wine is a high-quality product, it deserves an Astro Bacchus or Venus closure

Tappi olio

Oil closures

Olive oil is a valuable asset. Astro Demeter knows how to protect it

Tappi aceto

Vinegar and syrups closures

Astro Mercury, when dispensing is everything

Tappi acqua

Closures for water, juices and soft drinks, both sparkling and still

Mineral waters and carbonated drinks

We invest in technology to offer you tomorrow’s perfection today

Thanks to permanent research and constant renewal of our systems, we have decided to concentrate the finest technology available today in a single production site to bring our efficiency and flexibility to levels of absolute excellence.

Passion always makes the difference. We owe our excellence to those who work with us

Astro’s employees are its winning asset: skilled and motivated, they always understand your specific needs and offer the most advantageous solutions.

Respect means protecting what you love. Our commitment to the environment begins here.

We work constantly to minimise the environmental impact that our business can have, continuously refining our production technologies.

Interview with Pierluigi Rozzino, Head of Offset Printing at Astro

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Great Satisfaction with 2020 Results,
Optimism for the Future.
Comment from Davide Strocco,
CEO of Astro.

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