Astro is a successful company
because our employees are special

Even before its products, a company is made up of the people who work there: this is why we believe that our employees are Astro’s most important capital.
All our customers tell us that there is a unique energy in those who work for us, a true “Astro way”: passion, positivity, professionalism and motivation, combined with a constructive and strong problem-solving approach.

The focus is always
on the customer

All of our employees work with the knowledge that the success and future of the company depend on the ability to provide customers with a superior customer experience at every level:  production, quality, sales, administration and logistics.

Making customers the central focus of our activities is the individual and collective goal of each member of staff, which can only be achieved by acting responsibly in the most efficient and proactive way possible.

We encourage
good ideas

Astro is, intentionally and strategically, an organisation without a rigid hierarchy. Everyone is encouraged to express their opinions, ask questions and suggest solutions regardless of their role, to actively contribute to the company’s success.

Our employees have a special connection with the company because they feel totally involved in its management. They know and understand its values and its goals and are aware that good performance stems primarily from the quality of commitment of the individual.


At Astro we encourage and reward individual talent: a system of continuous training has been adopted, with support and education of new employees, collective training courses on food safety, courses on social and environmental responsibility and, for those in charge, refresher courses and foreign languages. Particular attention is paid to the rights of female employees and respect for “pink quotas”: more than 40% of the staff employed on the production lines are women.